Country Decor Style – A Sactuary For Anyone

Our homes not only provide shelter but also serve as places we share with our friends and family. Therefore, a home serves as a sanctuary amid the life we are enjoying. Decorating a home adds aesthetic appeal, warmth and cozy ambiance. However, what matters most is the décor style that we choose.

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Country décor is one form that has existed for centuries in forms of French, Tuscan and English Country styles. Country décor came as a result of rural life but has evolved to have a recent provenance. It is a homey and unpretentious style that can fit into any home.

What does country décor look like?

Country décor is a broad-ranged style that heavily relies on geographical location but is characterized by primitive furniture, milk-paint finish, muted colors and vintage furniture. Colors are soft and muted to add very warm feel. It also indicates the wear of time. The major color choices for country décor theme include pale green, country blues, mauves, and taupe.

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However, more contemporary country styles come with a bright color palette with white and red accents that sets the design unique. Furniture has very little to no ornamentation. Accessories are handmade and homespun. Featured accessories include pottery, carved wooden bowls, pewter and hand-forged metal accents. Fabrics are floral, striped and checked. They also have printed patterns that make everything appear natural.

Moreover, country home décor include stained wood pieces, mirrored wall frames, and stenciled signs. According to American country décor, the biggest influence is wood. The décor tends to give the entire home a handmade feel by using wood in furniture and home construction. Wood is left unpainted and unfinished thus presenting a natural influence. All the colors are taken from nature.

What does country décor mean?

Country décor is all about creating an ambiance and feeling of warmth and coziness. It aims at evoking the past. It is a nostalgic style for simple lives and simple times of the past. It brings the memories when we could live close to nature.

It is a general expression of family, work, home, friends and those we live close with. The country look brings a feeling of traditional and homey atmosphere with the ultimate goal of making a home inviting and warm.

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Elements of country décor

Overall, the essential elements in country décor are the use of natural materials. Rough stained or muted paints on walls and ceilings bring a distinctive appeal. Delicate wood details and woven chair seats give a country décor a simplistic appeal. Floors, walls and ceilings and other architectural features use raw wood, clay bricks, and stones.

In French country, primary colors are emphasized with lavenders, green and bright orange being very popular. All the designs are arranged in regular patterns. Colorful and muted pottery are adored. Lush natural flowers also make a bigger part of country décor. The aim of this is to bring nature into a home. With all these elements, you are bound to adopt an unusual country décor style.

How is it compared to other designs?

Country décor is easy to distinguish from other décor designs. It is an extension of the past lifestyle and emphasizes more on coziness, warmth, and ambiance. It is the simplest style one can find around.

Country decor is quite similar to cottage style, and they both incorporate simplistic accents, coziness and soft colors. However, cottage style uses fun accessories with more decoration.

Most homeowners and designers like incorporating country décor in one of their rooms. Though it sounds ancient, it is still adored in most parts of the world.

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