Do-it-yourself Home Decor

What is DIY Home Décor

Designing and decorating your own home. What could be more satisfying? You get to choose the materials, colors, fabrics and brands. You get to decide when the work gets done. You get to save money because there are no labor costs. You get to buy and use a set of purpose-built tools: power tools if you are lucky! And you learn a whole new set of skills. Just perfect?

What are the elements of DIY Home Décor Design

Let’s start with designing look of your room.
Think about the purpose of the room. What are the fixed elements that you need to keep in place? What elements do you need to work around? What are the features you want to highlight?

Do you have a colour scheme in mind already? What is the quality of the natural light that comes into the room?


This is the hard part of any DIY activity – deciding what to discard. Maybe you are removing furniture to give a whole new shape to the room. Or perhaps you’re just painting a wall. Either way, you have to make it look worse before you make it look better!

Make sure any loose surfaces are prepared correctly and cleaned sufficiently to allow your new coverings to adhere as they should do. Remove as much of the old décor as you can before you start applying the new. Prepare the whole room before you work on any of the new décor.

Don’t cut corners here. Make sure you start with clean, clear surfaces.

preparation photo


Make sure you choose a type of paint which is appropriate to the surface to which you’re going to apply it. The type of paint will also determine what tools and techniques you use to apply the paint.

Not to everyone’s taste or required for every job, but applying paper to a wall will allow you to cover a large space in a short period of time. If the designs you find fit with the look you are aiming for, then this is a rapid-win solution.

Hard or soft floorings can be fitted by anyone who has a mind for it. There are some basic techniques that can be easily mastered, but don’t be afraid to give this a try. However, don’t be too ambitious for your first attempts.
DIY or professional?

That’s always the big question in jobs around the home. Do I have the skills, knowledge, motivation, tools and (most importantly) the time to take on this job? Of not, then you’ll need to get a little person in to do that job.

Why do it yourself?

You can do the jobs when you have the time or inclination or cash. You are not governed by anyone else’s schedule.

You can make the job last or push it through as quickly as you can.

You don’t need to let strangers in to your home to carry out the work.

Get your family involved. Make it a communal experience to which everyone contributes.

It is SO satisfying to look around and think “WE did all that!”

Why you should use a professional

A professional will do a professional job – better than you can.

A professional has all the right tools, making the job so much easier for them.

They will have done this type of work before, so they know how to solve unforeseen problems.

They’ll be able to do the work so much faster than you can since they don’t have to worry about friends, neighbours and family. Quick in, quick out.

They can be objective about the work you ask them to do – no emotional attachments.


To get started with carrying out your own home decorating work, all you need is motivation! The rest of the skills you can pick up on the way.

preparation photo

Don’t underestimate it though. You will need a wide range of skills.

You’ll need an eye for design and a flair for colour and texture.

You’ll need the technical skills to prepare the job, solve problems with underlying surfaces and then apply the finish.

You’ll need good tools to do a good job. Don’t scrimp on the quality of equipment you have around you.

As time goes on, the more tasks you take on, the more experience you gather, the better your results will be.

But be careful. Carrying out your own home décor activities is addictive! Before you know it you’ll be turning your hand to anything!

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