All About Eclectic Decor

Having your home looking attractive and unique is important to many. With all the different “styles” of home decor that is out there, you might be confused as to what is right for you. Eclectic decor is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, so let’s have a deeper look at this style so you can learn more about it and discover if it’s right for you.

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What is eclectic decor?

Eclectic decor can be described as quite jumbled as first but when done correctly, it comes together quite nicely. It is basically combines varying design elements from different periods, joining them together through great use of color, textures and shapes.

It’s pretty perfect for those of you who are a bit eccentric (notice how similar those words are?) and don’t like everything to match together too much. Eclectic has been around for a long while but it’s only recently become known as a style of decorating.

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How is looks and what is means

Due to the fact eclectic decor is so unique and you can collect pieces from different periods, there is no set way that it “looks”, that is actually the wonder of it. It’s pretty random but it’s a style that can really showcase your personality. It might have some modern pieces, some old fashioned pieces and a mixture of the two.

Think of it as collecting different styles but smoothing them out so they actually work. An experienced eclectic decorator will know how to get it right but of course, this might take some practice at first.

What are the elements of the design?

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Some of the elements that make up this ever growing trend include the following.
Mismatched furniture – One of the most common elements of eclectic design include furniture that doesn’t match. You can still make this look good by having different styles but having colors that work well together.

  • Old and new – Another element is old pieces combined with new pieces – for example an old rug and coffee table but a new sofa. It looks strangely appealing and gives some sophistication to a home.
  • Simple walls – If you are serious about eclectic design, then a simple backdrop (white walls) is best. This means you can concentrate on how to decorate the rooms themselves. The furniture is likely so jumbled, that you don’t want to overcomplicate matters with busy walls.
  • Standout pieces – You want to have some items in your collection that nobody has ever seen anywhere else. Rare and antique pieces really showcase this particular style. Shop around at places that are not very well known and you will hopefully find the right standout pieces for you.

How does it compare to other decor trends?

There are no rules when it comes to eclectic decor and that is how it is different from other styles. So many people are focussed on having furniture/items that perfectly match with each other but this is not the case here.

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If you fancy a funky style in your home then eclectic decor could definitely be right for you. It gives you the chance to be wild in your furniture and general decoration choices. See something you like in a flea market?

You can just get it, you don’t have to worry about it fitting in or having a particular theme! Start decorating in this way today and you will feel so more in touch with your style.

Photo by Wicker Paradise

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