French Decor Elements: Add the Warmth and Inviting Rustic Look

French décor refers to the style and colors of a casual style with a subtle crossover – where the beauty and simplicity of rustic France meet the clean living of the French chateau.

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A mix of present day and great components, French stylistic layout is about worn and ratty furniture with complex itemizing, finished dividers, splendid textures, antique craftsmanship pieces and alleviating wood tones. The gaudy shading bed of light tones or dim shades adds unobtrusive accents to French exterior

Tips for a swanky French decor in your home.

What are the elements of the design

French décor uses many colors and natural resources to achieve its desired tone. The primary colors of French décor include varying shades of yellow, red, green and blue. These are all colors that can be found in nature and brought into your home. Modern color combinations include dark red with gold or sky blue with mustard. White, black and gray are mainly used as accent colors and should not dominate rooms. To further accentuate the color of the walls, a tapestry or oil painting should be hung on a large wall of the chamber. Tapestries and paintings displaying images of nature are most commonly used for French décor.

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Lighting is a wonderful way to bring color and elegance to your French décor. Crystal chandeliers and colorfully stained glass lamps are ideal in presenting this style. If you have room for a fireplace, French Décor often favors stone fireplaces. Lighting is used to bring a sense of romance to the décor. As such, lighting should often remain dimmed.

French décor would not be what it is without its appropriate furniture. The furniture used in this sort of décor is often made from mahogany, ebony or other variety of durable wood. Often, sculptures are molded into the wood, which is finished with a lacquer or stain. It is not uncommon to find the wood base of French themed furniture painted in a white or cream. Because nature plays such a significant role in French décor, it is common for flowers to be painted onto furniture to add elegance, color, and beauty.


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French décor is luxurious. The best way to express its rich tone is with color and grandeur. The bed will be the primary focus in the bedroom. However, you will find other pieces of furniture that have a central tone due to their antique feel. All furniture should be vast and bold. Armoires exemplify this well. When focusing on your bed, use a thick mattress that will perpetuate the large furniture trend that you started when you began implementing French decor.

Essential Points of Consideration

It is essential to stay with the natural looking decor, tables, and appliances. French decor design doesn’t usually incorporate the simple, sleek and modern look.

To keep your kitchen in French country style, use sunny yellow, forest green, poppy red, canisters and granite countertops. Floral arrangements of lavender, wine racks and wrought iron chairs surrounding center table make for an ideal french decor.
French Decor allows you to enjoy a great dining experience with your family.

“DON’Ts” to keep in mind when decorating in the French Decor style.

Don’t Forget the Fixtures

You walk into a kitchen and see a fabulous hand carved table that is set on rustic looking stone flooring. A distressed weathervane featuring a rooster juts out from the wall and some lovely toile valances grace the windows. And then you notice the light fixture: a super shiny golden thing with fake crystals hanging from each arm. Whoever decorated this room did not replace the fixtures so that they matched the country French theme. This is a common mistake that can ruin the outcome of your room.

DON’T make this mistake. It can detract from the look of the room, and make it look unfinished.

Don’t Overdo

As mentioned above, there are lots of great country French accessories available that could make great additions to your room. But it is important to remember that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Just because something is a great country French element, that doesn’t mean that you have to put it in your room.

Instead, you need to be selective about what to include. If you try to cram too much, the room will look busy and will be confusing to the eye. You want a finished room that is beautiful, not overdone.

Don’t buy everything that you see with a French Decor feel. You will end up creating a mess of a room that has way too much going on.

Don’t Use Too Much of a Good Thing

Even when you decide on just a few design elements to focus on, it is important not to go overboard with them. For example, toile fabric is often a lovely choice for a country French room. That doesn’t mean you should use it to cover every available surface. If you use toile for curtains, don’t use toile print wallpaper. Limit the use of certain elements so that they do not overpower the entire room and make it look cluttered.

DON’T use too much of your favourite design element lest they lose their impact and create a cluttered look.

Keep the above three tips in mind so that you room will have a polished and professional room that will look like it belongs in the pages of a design magazine.

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