Moroccan Décor: Home Decor, Home Improvement & Home Design

What is Moroccan Décor?

Morocco being located in Northern Africa, it has diverse people. With this, the Moroccan interior design reflects the diversity of the people, its history and its cultural traditions.

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Moroccan décor is a new trend that comes from the Moroccan and Moorish architectures. It has become famous by Marrakech’s vogue of Riads renovation.

It has become popular in the USA and UK. On a reality TV show, Riad Laksiba has notably been included after a family bought and restored some ancient Riad in the Medina of Marrakech. It was then aired on House Hunters International with 97 million people as its audience in September 2010.

Because of this style’s popularity, the TV show has been regularly replayed.

What does it look like?

Moroccan décor is characterized by colorful fabrics, arched doorways and intricate carvings. It is no surprise that this type of interior design has become famous around the globe. Its vibrant and stunning style represents the country itself.

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Rich patterns and textures enrich this design, which makes it really look sophisticated and ornate. Throw pillows can be elaborately designed from luxurious fabrics, which are one of its key accessories. Fancy lamps and lanterns must give subdued light but candles will enhance the mystery to this elegant and beautiful décor.

The Moroccan style colors are rich from green and blue to red, gold and orange. These colors are based on the colors of the country – its landscape and nature. Furniture can be low set and simple but some certain pieces like poufs and tables can be intricately decorated. Also in this type of design, carved wood and ironwork are common. Overall, this design offers ethnic versatility and rich in theme basis of creativity that are unprecedented.

What are the elements of the design?

This design is bold, comfortable, unique and timeless that boasts the aesthetic that has Persian, European and African influences. The traditional Moroccan style has ornate, warm and beautiful feel. On the other hand, its modern style features some accessories with clean background.

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For a classic Moroccan example, an archway with flashy silver is used rather than brightly colored tile mosaics. Also, the interior paintings in the center of a room can apparently refer to a riad design that is basically due to the influence of Muslim religion. A riad also gives homes climate control as the country is too hot. The open air, as well as water features, can be commonly found to have a cooling effect on a particular part of the home.

In the modern décor using this type of interior design, colorful cushions that are placed on the floor are replaced with cozy, low set sofas that still offer good support. Another element that is common and intricate is the so-called Muqarans. These can be made from stone, brick, wood or stone that is common in mosques, palaces and luxury homes.

Moroccan vs Bohemian Design

The Moroccan style and Bohemian style have some differences, though they sometimes overlap each other. On the other hand, their differences and similarities are tied together at times.

The Moroccan style is classier than Bohemian. It has heavy Moorish influence to it and therefore it has heavier and darker look. The design can also be neutrally designed with not much colors and just use textures to make it interesting.

The Bohemian design, on the other hand, is like busy and random with empty spaces filled with figurines, paintings or pillows. It is filled with accessories.

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