Shabby chic and contemporary décor

Home décor is an important and essential process in the overall outlook of your home. There are different designs you can choose from such as vintage, shabby chic an also contemporary décor.

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What it is

This two types of home décor are explicitly the best choice for your home look. Shabby chic is a style which incorporates aged furniture and other old items so as to create a vintage look in your space. This style is said to be the perfect balance between the luxury and also lived-in atmosphere. I consists of frills and ruffles which creates a comfortable and soft space. Similarly, a vintage home décor is able to bring more intimacy to a large luxurious space. This style will help you utilize the old cloths and crannies in your home.

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On the other hand, contemporary décor is much more different from this style. It is described by clean lines and a more casual atmosphere. Similarly, open spaces, neutral colors and other materials which are inspired by nature defines this type of style. It is a décor which is modern or current. This is the main difference between the two home decors.

There are possibilities of mixing two different styles. This is especially when you and your spouse cannot agree on which style to use. Choosing which style to go with will require you to be educated. Shabby décor and contemporary can blend into each other giving you the perfect look for your house.

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What does it look like?

Mixing this two type of styles can give you that sophisticated chic look. Some of the vintage items you can acquire include accent pieces such as a coffee table or side tables, vintage console and a bedroom dresser. On the other hand, some of contemporary item you can acquire are bigger pieces including armchairs and sofas. To incorporate this two styles you will require to consider;

What are the elements of the design?

The known elements of this home décor include the following;

  • Eclectic plates and vintage collectibles
    This is achieved by mix matching so as to remove that dull appearance of a shabby home.
  • Minimalist farm style and pastels
    Try work with your old farm tables so as to bring out the new shabby look. Incorporate the modern clean line on the floor with this tables.
  • Cottage- style romance and fine lace

How it compared to other designs

In comparison to other designs such as rustic and vintage, shabby chic has a more softer and opulent cottage style. Items that were once old are made to have a more new and fresh look. Vintage items are also made look new. This explain why vintage items are also considered to new shabby chic.


These two décor will leave your space neither too old nor too new. This is because the past and the present marry into each other creating a more fresh and exquisite look. The delicate and modern chandelier in your house matching the vintage coffee table brings out the elegance and sophistication. This style generally helps in embarrassing the imperfections of your past into a much more appreciated modern space.

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