The fabulous shabby chic – vintage chic

Home decor is always an important aspect in our homes. From the living room to the bedrooms, different styles and designs bring out a good look. For the perfect look, combining different tips and tricks works well and gives the desired look.


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Shabby Chic = Vintage Chic

Commonly referred to as vintage chic, shabby chic is believed to be one of the most common trends ever. It is a decor approach which combines a refined family of furnishings, emphasis, and finishes that affect age and use. Vintage home décor mixes antique furniture with pastel colors, lace and tender decorations to bring out that perfect view. It is a form of interior design in which furniture and furnishings are chosen for their age appearance and whereby new decorations are intended to have an old look. A soft and dreamy cottage-style of decoration is often used in this style to differentiate it from good old or outdated decorations.

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The shabby chic design is an easy and not expensive plan to attain. It is simply an interior decoration style that uses furnishings that appear to be charmingly old and a little worn. It means older pieces or distressed modern furniture are used to bring out a vintage look. This style is borrowed from fake paintings by using a coat, and it is accomplished by painting then wiping and sanding off the top coat to expose the base coat. The kind of fabrics used mostly is cotton and linen. The fabric being used is stained with tea to give it an ancient look.

Shabby Chic Elements

The shabby chic decoration is a versatile, beautiful, and electric style that embraces recycling and upgrading. It incorporates things like; bright pastel spring greens, vintage, weathered wood furniture, cast iron beds, antique ceramics and country-style calicoes, farm house tables, up cycled chairs; white washed floors and gauze curtains.

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Its key elements include;

  • Eclectic plates and vintage collectibles-Involves doing mix and match on objects and keeping flowered plates to bring out that touch of indulgence.
  • Cottage – style romance and fine lace-Reducing the ornate look and keeping it up to date to bring out a cleaner more modern style. It can also involve layering bedding like skirting with embroidered textiles trimmed in lace. It contains lovely and natural floor and walls.
  • Scrap wallpaper collage-Vintage pieces are combined with wallpaper collage for attractive and beautiful floors in the bathroom, bedroom, and balcony.
  • Minimalist farm-style and pastels-It uses select farm-style items and white wash to bring out a clear and lovely view. The use of these items becomes easy to maintain.
  • Pickled Floors and white furnishings-This is such a great element in shabby décor for use in kid’s rooms.

Many of its materials are washable curtains and bedding which are children friendly regarding color and decorations. As compared to other styles of decoration, this style comes out on top because it is much cheaper; this is attributed to its use of cheap décor that was leftovers and cast offs.

One can collect old or worn items to slipcover and paint them to bring out new and unique items. This style uses recycled décor while others don’t.

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